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Traeger Fuhrmann, a 5th generation land owner, was raised on his family's ranch outside of Fredericksburg, TX. As a kid he spent his days playing, exploring, and adventuring his vast “backyard”, The Fuhrmann Ranch.

Fast forward to today and not much has changed. Other than the adventure and exploration has ventured outside his own backyard and across Texas. Traeger has always had to have a creative outlet. He was diagnosed at an early age with ADD and ADHD. Getting him to sit down for hours on end in school was a nightmare for his teachers. But when he found something he loved, he zeroed in on it and was laser focused.

Traeger has made a name for himself filming and photographing ranches and luxury real estate across Texas. Ever not satisfied with his work drives him to continually critique himself, learn, and be the best Traeger he can.

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