Stockpile Inventory

Make planning and fulfillment decisions with more accurate, timely information to avoid waste and recognize revenue faster

  • Measure stockpiles more often for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

  • One easy-to-use, audit-friendly hub for all stockpile volume measurements

  • Report the total quantity and value of materials on site

  • Export all drone data easily to your system of record

Case Study:

The Allen Keller Company hired us to map and evaluate their stockpile count at the Fuhrmann Quarry in Gillespie Co., TX. Using previous methods, the Allen Keller company was having some discrepancies with their current stockpile count. Using Ground Control Points, GPS, and software, we were able to deliver centimeter grade accurate reports and prove that their count was off by 10’s of thousands of yards.

Wingman Imagery now fly's and maps all of Allen Keller Co.’s quarries, delivering fast reliable data.

Digital Terrain & Elevation Mapping

Visual aerial documentation and planning saves time and money. Easily import CAD files for fast and accurate data for planning subdivisions, dirt work, road planning, vineyards, and more.

Files & Services:

  • Raw Elevation Values (DEM)

  • Contour DXF (AutoCAD)

  • Controur SHP (Shape file)

  • Point Cloud data - LIDAR data exchange (.las)

  • Orthomosaic maps (PDF, GeoTIFF, JPG)

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